This post was co-written by John Heater, SVP of the Contact Center Practice at NeuraFlash. NeuraFlash is an Advanced AWS Partner with over 40 collective years of experience in the voice and automation space. With a dedicated team of conversation designers, data engineers, and AWS developers, NeuraFlash helps customers take advantage of the power of Amazon Lex in their contact centers.
Amazon Lex provides automatic speech recognition and natural language understanding technologies so you can build sophisticated conversational experiences and create effective interactive voice response (IVR) flows. A native integration with Amazon Connect, AWS’s cloud-based contact center, enables the addition of a conversational interface to any call center application. You can design IVR experiences to identify user requests and fulfill these by running the appropriate business logic.
Today, NeuraFlash, an AWS APN partner, launched a migration tool on AWS Marketplace that helps you easily migrate your VoiceXML (VXML) IVR flows to

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