We at Eyelevel.ai (AKA Cashbot.ai) are excited to announce a huge enhancement to our platform. We think you’re going to love it!Eyelevel for Publishers keeps making it easier to earn income, with chatbots, from home!Oh, and it’s a GAME CHANGER!!!New Chatbot Monetization Features to Help you Make Money with Chatbots!For over two years, we’ve been trying to help chatbot makers, developers, owners and operators — make money from their amazing chatbot creations.We’ve come to work with huge tier-one media companies with chatbots, and we’ve worked with those individuals who love to build chatbots. We love working with them all. To us, it’s all the same, deliver the same four value propositions and let the ecosystem benefit.Make it super easy to earn money from chatbots.Make it lucrative.Make it so the end-users love it.Make it simple to install, measure and modify.Today we partner with thousands of Botmakers folks and over the past 2 years we’ve grown our network

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At FusionWeb, we aim to look at the future through the lenses of imagination, creativity, expertise and simplicity in the most cost effective ways. All we want to make something that brings smile to our clients face. Let’s try us to believe us.