This is a guest post by Jihye Park, a Data Scientist at MUSINSA. 
MUSINSA is one of the largest online fashion platforms in South Korea, serving 8.4M customers and selling 6,000 fashion brands. Our monthly user traffic reaches 4M, and over 90% of our demographics consist of teens and young adults who are sensitive to fashion trends. MUSINSA is a trend-setting platform leader in the country, leading with massive amounts of data.
The MUSINSA Data Solution Team engages in everything related to data collected from the MUSINSA Store. We do full stack development from log collection to data modeling and model serving. We develop various data-based products, including the Live Product Recommendation Service on our app’s main page and the Keyword Highlighting Service that detects and highlights words such as ‘size’ or ‘satisfaction level’ from text reviews.
Challenges in the Automate Review Image Inspection Process
The quality and quantity of

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