In this post, we present a solution that combines rich mobile device intelligence with customized machine learning (ML) modeling to help you catch fraudsters who exploit mobile apps.
GrabDefence (GD), Grab’s proprietary fraud detection and prevention technology, and AWS have launched GDxAFD, a fraud detection solution tailored for mobile apps that integrates GD’s device intelligence capabilities with Amazon Fraud Detector, AWS’s fully managed ML fraud detection solution. With GDxAFD, you can take advantage of more than 20 years of fraud detection expertise from Amazon as well as extensive mobile fraud experience from Southeast Asia’s leading superapp to safeguard your mobile application from fraudsters.
This solution rides on a larger global wave of anti-fraud efforts, which experts forecast to grow to USD $62.70 billion by 2028. With the rise of the digital economy, fraud syndicates increasingly target online businesses, causing financial loss and destroying the trust between end-users and the platform.

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