The last few years have seen rapid development in the field of natural language processing (NLP). Although hardware has improved, such as with the latest generation of accelerators from NVIDIA and Amazon, advanced machine learning (ML) practitioners still regularly encounter issues deploying their large language models. Today, we announce new capabilities in Amazon SageMaker that can help: you can configure the maximum Amazon EBS volume size and timeout quotas to facilitate large model inference. Coupled with model parallel inference techniques, you can now use the fully managed model deployment and management capabilities of SageMaker when working with large models with billions of parameters.
In this post, we demonstrate these new SageMaker capabilities by deploying a large, pre-trained NLP model from Hugging Face across multiple GPUs. In particular, we use the Deep Java Library (DJL) serving and tensor parallelism techniques from DeepSpeed to achieve under 0.1 second latency in a text

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