The last few years have seen rapid development in the field of deep learning. Although hardware has improved, such as with the latest generation of accelerators from NVIDIA and Amazon, advanced machine learning (ML) practitioners still regularly encounter issues deploying their large deep learning models for applications such as natural language processing (NLP).
In an earlier post, we discussed capabilities and configurable settings in Amazon SageMaker model deployment that can make inference with these large models easier. Today, we announce a new Amazon SageMaker Deep Learning Container (DLC) that you can use to get started with large model inference in a matter of minutes. This DLC packages some of the most popular open-source libraries for model parallel inference, such as DeepSpeed and Hugging Face Accelerate.
In this post, we use a new SageMaker large model inference DLC to deploy two of the most popular large NLP models: BigScience’s BLOOM-176B and

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