In this post, we show how to train, deploy, and predict natural disaster damage with Amazon SageMaker with geospatial capabilities. We use the new SageMaker geospatial capabilities to generate new inference data to test the model. Many government and humanitarian organizations need quick and accurate situational awareness when a disaster strikes. Knowing the severity, cause, and location of damage can assist in the first responder’s response strategy and decision-making. The lack of accurate and timely information can contribute to an incomplete or misdirected relief effort.
As the frequency and severity of natural disasters increases, it’s important that we equip decision-makers and first responders with fast and accurate damage assessment. In this example, we use geospatial imagery to predict natural disaster damage. Geospatial data can be used in the immediate aftermath of a natural disaster for rapidly identifying damage to buildings, roads, or other critical infrastructure. In this post, we show

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