The increasing size of language models has been one of the biggest trends in natural language processing (NLP) in recent years. Since 2018, we’ve seen unprecedented development and deployment of ever-larger language models, including BERT and its variants, GPT-2, T-NLG, and GPT-3 (175 billion parameters).
These models have pushed the boundaries of possible architectural innovations. We face several challenges when training large-scale deep learning models, especially the new wave of generative pre-trained transformers. These challenges include hardware limitations and trade-offs with computation and efficiency. To overcome these challenges of model and data parallelism, AWS offers a wide range of capabilities.
In this post, we introduce two main approaches: data parallelization and model parallelization using Amazon SageMaker, and discuss their pros and cons.
The model
For the language model, we use Transformers, introduced in the paper Attention Is All You Need. Transformers are deep learning models designed to deliberately avoid the

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