Amazon Polly is a leading cloud-based service that converts text into lifelike speech. Following the adoption of Neural Text-to-Speech (NTTS), we have continuously expanded our portfolio of available voices in order to provide a wide selection of distinct speakers in supported languages. Today, we are pleased to announce four new additions: Pedro speaking US Spanish, Daniel speaking German, Liam speaking Canadian French, and Arthur speaking British English. As with all the Neural voices in our portfolio, these voices offer fluent, native pronunciation in their target languages. However, what is unique about these four voices is that they are all based on the same voice persona.
Pedro, Daniel, Liam and Arthur were modeled on an existing US English Matthew voice. While customers continue to appreciate Matthew for his naturalness and professional-sounding quality, the voice has so far exclusively served English-speaking traffic. Now, using deep-learning methods, we decoupled language and speaker identity,

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