In Part 1 of this series, we offered step-by-step guidance for creating, connecting, stopping, and debugging Amazon EMR clusters from Amazon SageMaker Studio in a single-account setup.
In this post, we dive deep into how you can use the same functionality in certain enterprise-ready, multi-account setups. As described in the AWS Well-Architected Framework, separating workloads across accounts enables your organization to set common guardrails while isolating environments. This can be particularly useful for certain security requirements, as well as simplify cost between projects and teams.
Solution overview
In this post, we go through the process to achieve the following architectural setup. We present the same simple interface as we saw in Part 1 for our data workers, abstracting away multi-account details from their day-to-day workflow when not needed.

We first describe how to set up your cross-account networks in order to connect to Amazon EMR from Studio. To start,

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