Conversational Commerce: if you’re not buying, then our algorithms are just not good enough… That’s why we are still working on them!0. Before we startTo begin with, let’s define what conversational commerce is all about: it’s a kind of commerce that is done via various means of conversation. Sounds simple, right? Chatbots on messaging apps or websites and voice assistant using speech recognition, natural language processing, and artificial intelligence — they all contribute to an exciting shift in the world of tech and business.Conversational Systems in eCommerce are intelligent machines that can hold a written or verbal conversation with a customer. Their use is aimed at improving customer experience by steering interaction.Consequently, eCommerce is one of the most customer-facing industries where direct personal experiences and social conversations define brand value. It is an automated technology, powered by rules and artificial intelligence, that enables online shoppers and brands to interact with one another via chat

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