Chronomics is a tech-bio company that uses biomarkers—quantifiable information taken from the analysis of molecules—alongside technology to democratize the use of science and data to improve the lives of people. Their goal is to analyze biological samples and give actionable information to help you make decisions—about anything where knowing more about the unseen is important. Chronomics’s platform enables providers to seamlessly implement at-home diagnostics at scale—all without sacrificing efficiency or accuracy. It has already processed millions of tests through this platform and delivers a high-quality diagnostics experience.
During the COVID-19 pandemic, Chronomics sold lateral flow tests (LFT) for detecting COVID-19. The users register the test on the platform by uploading a picture of the test cassette and entering a manual reading of the test (positive, negative or invalid). With the increase in the number of tests and users, it quickly became impractical to manually verify if the reported result matched

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