Ten years from now, the technological fitness of clubs will be a key contributor towards their success. Today we’re already witnessing the potential of technology to revolutionize the understanding of football. xGoals quantifies and allows comparison of goal scoring potential of any shooting situation, while xThreat and EPV models predict the value of any in-game moment. Ultimately, these and other advanced statistics serve one purpose: to improve the understanding of who will win and why. Enter the new Bundesliga Match Fact: Win Probability.
In Bayern’s second match against Bochum last season, the tables turned unexpectedly. Early in the match, Lewandowski scores 1:0 after just 9 minutes. The “Grey Mouse” of the league is instantly reminded of their 7:0 disaster when facing Bayern for the first time that season. But not this time: Christopher Antwi-Adjei scores his first goal for the club just 5 minutes later. After conceiving a penalty goal

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