In football, as in many sports, discussions about individual players have always been part of the fun. “Who is the best scorer?” or “Who is the king of defenders?” are questions perennially debated by fans, and social media amplifies this debate. Just consider that Erling Haaland, Robert Lewandowski, and Thomas Müller alone have a combined 50 million followers on Instagram. Many fans are aware of the incredible statistics star players like Lewandowski and Haaland create, but stories like this are just the tip of the iceberg.
Consider that almost 600 players are under contract in the Bundesliga, and each team has their own champions—players that get introduced to bring a specific skill to bear in a match. Look for example at Michael Gregoritsch of FC Augsburg. As of this writing (matchday 21), he has scored five goals in the 21/22 season, not something that would make anybody mention him in

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