The world is at increasing risk of global food shortage as a consequence of geopolitical conflict, supply chain disruptions, and climate change. Simultaneously, there’s an increase in overall demand from population growth and shifting diets that focus on nutrient- and protein-rich food. To meet the excess demand, farmers need to maximize crop yield and effectively manage operations at scale, using precision farming technology to stay ahead.
Historically, farmers have relied on inherited knowledge, trial and error, and non-prescriptive agronomic advice to make decisions. Key decisions include what crops to plant, how much fertilizer to apply, how to control pests, and when to harvest. However, with an increasing demand for food and the need to maximize harvest yield, farmers need more information in addition to inherited knowledge. Innovative technologies like remote sensing, IoT, and robotics have the potential to help farmers move past legacy decision-making. Data-driven decisions fueled by near-real-time insights

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