A well-designed CI/CD pipeline is essential to scale any software development workflow effectively. When designing production CI/CD pipelines, AWS recommends leveraging multiple accounts to isolate resources, contain security threats and simplify billing-and data science pipelines are no different. At AWS, we’re continuing to innovate to simplify the MLOps workflow.
In this post, we discuss some of the newer cross-account features to Amazon SageMaker that allow you to better share and manage model groups as well as manage model versions. For an example account structure to follow organizational unit best practices to host models using SageMaker endpoints across accounts, refer to MLOps Workload Orchestrator.
Solution overview
The following diagram illustrates our shared model registry architecture.

Some things to note in the preceding architecture:

Accounts follow a principle of least privilege to follow security best practices
The model and container registry are centralized in a shared services account

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