Whether you’re allocating resources more efficiently for web traffic, forecasting patient demand for staffing needs, or anticipating sales of a company’s products, forecasting is an essential tool across many businesses. One particular use case, known as cold start forecasting, builds forecasts for a time series that has little or no existing historical data, such as a new product that just entered the market in the retail industry. Traditional time series forecasting methods such as autoregressive integrated moving average (ARIMA) or exponential smoothing (ES) rely heavily on historical time series of each individual product, and therefore aren’t effective for cold start forecasting.
In this post, we demonstrate how to build a cold start forecasting engine using AutoGluon AutoML for time series forecasting, an open-source Python package to automate machine learning (ML) on image, text, tabular, and time series data. AutoGluon provides an end-to-end automated machine learning (AutoML) pipeline for beginners to

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