At Dashbot, we recently hosted a meetup in NYC to discuss brand strategies in conversational interfaces. As the space continues to mature, more brands are getting involved and moving from experimental to production deployments. We assembled a great group of industry experts to share their thoughts and tips for brands looking to build a chatbot or voice skill.Our panelists included:Alec Truitt, Global Product Partnerships, Google AssistantAnamita Guha, Global Lead of Product Management, IBM QAntonio Cucciniello, Senior Software Developer, Reprise DigitalBrian Plaskon, Senior Product Manager, Realogy HoldingsWhat use cases are brands developing for?Our panelists see a wide variety of use cases from customer service, productivity tools, and information sharing to entertainment and marketing initiatives.At IBM, they work with everyone from individual developers to Fortune 20 enterprises. The most common use case, though, is customer care. Large enterprises go to IBM given their ability to handle sensitive data across industry and geographic regulations.Google works with a

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