AWS Panorama is a collection of machine learning (ML) devices and a software development kit (SDK) that brings computer vision to on-premises internet protocol (IP) cameras. AWS Panorama device options include the AWS Panorama Appliance and the Lenovo ThinkEdge SE70, powered by AWS Panorama. These device options provide you choices in price and performance, depending on your unique use case. Both AWS Panorama devices are built on NVIDIA® Jetson System on Modules (SOMs) and use the NVIDIA JetPack SDK.
AWS has released a new software update for AWS Panorama that supports NVIDIA Jetpack SDK version 4.6.2. You can download this software update and apply it to the AWS Panorama device via an over-the-air (OTA) upgrade process. For more details, see Managing an AWS Panorama Appliance.
This release is not backward compatible with previous software releases for AWS Panorama; you must rebuild and redeploy your applications. This post provides a step-by

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