Cardiovascular diseases (CVDs) are the number one cause of death globally: more people die each year from CVDs than from any other cause.
The COVID-19 pandemic made organizations change healthcare delivery to reduce staff contact with sick people and the overall pressure on the healthcare system. This technology enables organizations to deliver telehealth solutions, which monitor and detect conditions that can put patient health at risk.
In this post, we present an AWS architecture that processes live electrocardiogram (ECG) feeds from common wearable devices, analyzes the data, provides near-real-time information via a web dashboard. If a potential critical condition is detected, it sends real-time alerts to subscribed individuals.
Solution overview
The architecture is divided in six different layers:

Data ingestion
Live ECG stream storage
ECG data processing
Historic ECG pathology archive
Live alerts
Visualization dashboard

The following diagram shows the high-level architecture.

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