We’re thrilled to announce an expanded collaboration between AWS and Hugging Face to accelerate the training, fine-tuning, and deployment of large language and vision models used to create generative AI applications. Generative AI applications can perform a variety of tasks, including text summarization, answering questions, code generation, image creation, and writing essays and articles.
AWS has a deep history of innovation in generative AI. For example, Amazon uses AI to deliver a conversational experience with Alexa that customers are interacting with billions of times each week, and is increasingly using generative AI as part of new experiences like Create with Alexa. In addition, M5 a group within Amazon Search that helps teams across Amazon bring large models to their applications, trained large models to improve search results on Amazon.com. AWS is constantly innovating across all areas of ML including infrastructure, tools on Amazon SageMaker,  and AI services, such as Amazon CodeWhisperer, a service that improves

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