Today we announce the general availability of Renate, an open-source Python library for automatic model retraining. The library provides continual learning algorithms able to incrementally train a neural network as more data becomes available.
By open-sourcing Renate, we would like to create a venue where practitioners working on real-world machine learning systems and researchers interested in advancing the state of the art in automatic machine learning, continual learning, and lifelong learning come together. We believe that synergies between these two communities will generate new ideas in the machine learning research community and provide a tangible positive impact in real-world applications.
Model retraining and catastrophic forgetting
Training neural networks incrementally is not a simple task. In practice, data provided at different points in time is often sampled from different distributions. For example, in question-answering systems, the distribution of the topics in the questions can significantly vary over time. In classification systems,

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