Unleash the power of machine learning (ML) through hands-on learning and compete for prizes and glory. The AWS DeepRacer League is the world’s first global autonomous racing competition driven by reinforcement learning; bringing together students, professionals, and enthusiasts from almost every continent.
I’m Tomasz Ptak, a senior software engineer at Duco, an AWS Machine Learning Hero, an AWS DeepRacer competitor (named Breadcentric), a hobbyist baker, and a leader of the AWS Machine Learning Community on Slack, where we learn, race, and help each other start and grow our adventures in the cloud. It’s my pleasure to unveil the exciting details of the upcoming 2022 AWS DeepRacer League season.
What is AWS DeepRacer?
AWS DeepRacer is a 1/18th scale autonomous race car—but also much more. It’s a complete program that has helped over 175,000 individuals from over 700 businesses, educational institutions, and organizations begin their educational journey into machine learning through

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