To make machine learning (ML) more accessible, Amazon launched Amazon SageMaker Studio Lab at AWS re:Invent 2021. Today, tens of thousands of customers use it every day to learn and experiment with ML for free. We made it simple to get started with just an email address, without the need for installs, setups, credit cards, or an AWS account.
SageMaker Studio Lab resonates with customers who want to learn in either an informal or formal setting, as indicated by a recent survey that suggests 49% of our current customer base is learning on their own, whereas 21% is taking a formal ML class. Higher learning institutions have started to adopt it, because it helps them teach ML fundamentals beyond the notebook, like environment and resource management, which are critical areas for successful ML projects. Enterprise partners like Hugging Face, Snowflake, and Roboflow are using SageMaker Studio Lab to showcase their

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