Today, we’re excited to announce that Amazon SageMaker now supports the ability to configure Instance Metadata Service Version 2 (IMDSv2) for Notebook Instances, and for administrators to control the minimum version with which end-users create new Notebook Instances. You can now choose IMDSv2 only for your new and existing SageMaker Notebook Instances to take advantage of the latest protection and support provided by IMDSv2.
Instance metadata is data about your instance that you can use to configure or manage the running instance, by providing temporary and frequently rotated credentials that can only be accessed by software running on the instance. IMDS makes metadata about the instance, such as its network and storage, available through a special link-local IP address of You can use IMDS on your SageMaker Notebook Instances, similar to how you would use IMDS on an Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) instance. For detailed documentation, see

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