Amazon SageMaker JumpStart solutions are a feature within Amazon SageMaker Studio that allow a simple-click experience to set up your own machine learning (ML) workflows. When you launch a solution, various of AWS resources are set up in your account to demonstrate how the business problem can be solved using the pre-built architecture. The solutions use AWS CloudFormation templates for quick deployment, which means the resources are fully customizable. As of today, there are up to 18 end-to-end solutions that cover different aspects of real-world business problems, such as demand forecasting, product defect detection, and document understanding.
Starting today, we’re excited to announce that JumpStart solutions now supports custom AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) roles be passed into services. This new feature enables you to take advantage of the rich security features offered by SageMaker and IAM.
In this post, we show you how to configure your SageMaker solution’s

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