Amazon SageMaker Automatic Model Tuning introduces Hyperband, a multi-fidelity technique to tune hyperparameters as a faster and more efficient way to find an optimal model. In this post, we show how automatic model tuning with Hyperband can provide faster hyperparameter tuning—up to three times as fast.
The benefits of Hyperband
Hyperband presents two advantages over existing black-box tuning strategies: efficient resource utilization and a better time-to-convergence.
Machine learning (ML) models are increasingly training-intensive, involve complex models and large datasets, and require a lot of effort and resources to find the optimal hyperparameters. Traditional black-box search strategies, such as Bayesian, random search, or grid search, tend to scale linearly with the complexity of the ML problem at hand, requiring longer training time.
To speed up hyperparameter tuning and optimize training cost, Hyperband uses Asynchronous Successive Halving Algorithm (ASHA), a strategy that massively parallelizes hyperparameter tuning and automatically stops training jobs early

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