Editor’s note: This is a guest post written by Michael Malahe, Head of Data at Aerobotics, a South African startup that builds AI-driven tools for agriculture.
Aerobotics is an agri-tech company operating in 18 countries around the world, based out of Cape Town, South Africa. Our mission is to provide intelligent tools to feed the world. We aim to achieve this by providing farmers with actionable data and insights on our platform, Aeroview, so that they can make the necessary interventions at the right time in the growing season. Our predominant data source is aerial drone imagery: capturing visual and multispectral images of trees and fruit in an orchard.
In this post we look at how we use Amazon SageMaker and TensorFlow to improve our Tree Insights product, which provides per-tree measurements of important quantities like canopy area and health, and provides the locations of dead and missing trees. Farmers

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