This blog post is co-written by Rudra Hota and Esaias Pech from Continental AG.
Many drivers have had the experience of trying to adjust temperature settings in their vehicle while attempting to keep their eyes on the road. Whether the previous driver preferred a warmer cabin temperature, or you’re now wearing warmer clothing, or the sun just emerged from the clouds, multiple conditions can make a driver uncomfortable and force their attention to the vehicle temperature dial. Wouldn’t it be convenient if your vehicle’s heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system could learn your individual preferences, and automatically make these adjustments for you?
Continental AG, a German multinational automotive technology conglomerate and Tier 1 supplier of automotive parts and technology, recently embarked on an initiative to develop in-vehicle human machine interface (HMI) capabilities enabled by machine learning (ML) technologies that will deliver personalization features for its OEM (original equipment manufacturer)

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