This is a guest blog post by Danny Brock, Rajeev Govindan and Krishnaram Kenthapadi at Fiddler AI.
Your Amazon SageMaker models are live. They’re handling millions of inferences each day and driving better business outcomes for your company. They’re performing exactly as well as the day they were launched.
Er, wait. Are they? Maybe. Maybe not.
Without enterprise-class model monitoring, your models may be decaying in silence. Your machine learning (ML) teams may never know that these models have actually morphed from miracles of revenue generation to liabilities making incorrect decisions that cost your company time and money.
Don’t fret. The solution is closer than you think.
Fiddler, an enterprise-class Model Performance Management solution available on the AWS Marketplace, offers model monitoring and explainable AI to help ML teams inspect and address a comprehensive range of model issues. Through model monitoring, model explainability, analytics, and bias detection, Fiddler provides your

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