Natural language processing (NLP) has been a hot topic in the AI field for some time. As current NLP models get larger and larger, data scientists and developers struggle to set up the infrastructure for such growth of model size. For faster training time, distributed training across multiple machines is a natural choice for developers. However, distributed training comes with extra node communication overhead, which negatively impacts the efficiency of model training.
This post shows how to pretrain an NLP model (ALBERT) on Amazon SageMaker by using Hugging Face Deep Learning Container (DLC) and transformers library. We also demonstrate how a SageMaker distributed data parallel (SMDDP) library can provide up to a 35% faster training time compared with PyTorch’s distributed data parallel (DDP) library.
SageMaker and Hugging Face
SageMaker is a cloud machine learning (ML) platform from AWS. It helps data scientists and developers prepare, build, train, and deploy high-quality

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