Abode Systems (Abode) offers homeowners a comprehensive suite of do-it-yourself home security solutions that can be set up in minutes and enables homeowners to keep their family and property safe. Since the company’s launch in 2015, in-camera motion detection sensors have played an essential part in Abode’s solution, enabling customers to receive notifications and monitor their homes from anywhere. The challenge with in-camera-based motion detection is that a large percentage (up to 90%) of notifications are triggered from insignificant events like wind, rain, or passing cars. Abode wanted to overcome this challenge and provide their customers with highly accurate smart notifications.
Abode has been an AWS user since 2015, taking advantage of multiple AWS services for storage, compute, database, IoT, and video streaming for its solutions. Abode reached out to AWS to understand how they could use AWS computer vision services to build smart notifications into their home security solution

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