A funnel-driven approach to Messenger bots for lead generationTesting. Testing is one of the main things I have devoted my energies to in the past year. Testing assumptions. Testing concepts. Testing product increments.Incrementalism is key whenever you are building something that does not exist yet.When we started Visualbots, a chatbot tool for lead generation, the assumptions to test were many. The industry was still in its infancy and marketers were not used to tools like ours. And we did not know which bot design and optimisation strategies would have worked the most.But we were sure there was a key product assumption to test:“Can Messenger bots be used for lead generation and deliver better results than the two main substitute products (namely landing pages and lead ads)?”https://medium.com/media/2b9ba61cbf6a3149ce3c6fb7c886c6be/hrefIn order to prove this assumption, we have worked with tens of early adopters across different industries spending tens of thousands of euros, following this process: we transformed an

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